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Molybdenum is a refractory metal
possessing a great high-temperature strength,
a very low vapour pressure and a low thermal expansion
as well as excellent electrical and thermal conductivities
up to very high temperature.
The good corrosion resistance against molten glass,
chemical and alkali metals is worth mentioning.

Molybdenum and its alloys have many applications
owing to their exceptional mechanical stability
at high temperatures
Sputtering Target
   : LCD production line, thin film manufacturing
Parts for MOCVD Processing
   : J-Liner
Seed Chuck
    : for Crystal Growing equipment
Rod, Plate, Sheet, Wire
Various Furnace Components
Molybdenum Alloy
- TZM Alloy ( 0.5 % Ti, 0.08 % Zr, balance Mo )
  - MHC Alloy ( 1.2 % Hf, 0.1 % C, balance Mo )
  - LM Alloy ( 0.3 % La2O3, balance Mo )
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