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Because of its unique characteristics and properties,
Graphite is the most versatile material.
It increases in strength with increased temperatures,
and withstands dramatic temperature cycling
without change in its dimensional stability.

Graphite is one of the most chemically inert materials available
and is non-wetting to molten metals and glass.
It has excellent thermal and electrical properties,
can be machined to micro dimensions
and purification processing can make it essentially contamination free.
  • Resistance to Temperature.
  • Increased Strength with Temperature.
  • Resistance to Thermal Shock.
  • Resistance to Chemical Attack.
  • Non-wetting to Most Metals and Glass.
  • Good Thermal and Electrical Conductivity.
  • Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion.
  • Light Weight and Easy to Machine.
  • PECVD Graphite Wafer Tray
    : The localization of Graphite Wafer Tray  
    High Purity Graphite
    : Crucible for melting of precious metals
    Parts for Sappire growing
        : Hermetic Sealing Jig, Metallizing and Brazing Jig
    Impeller and Shaft
     : - For de-gassing unit of molten aluminium  
         - Anti-Oxidation treated Graphite
    Vacuum Furnace Components
    Various Products for Semiconductor Industry
    SiC Coated Graphite
    : Susceptor for MOCVD process
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