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Many applications of ceramics are based upon
unique physical and thermal properties.

Simply stated, Ceramics are compounds
that contain metallic and non-metallic elements.
There are many examples of ceramic materials,
ranging from the cement to glass and fine ceramics.
Each of these materials is relatively hard and brittle.
Indeed, hardness and brittleness are general attributes of ceramics,
along with the fact that they tend to be more resistant
than either metals or polymers to high temperatures
and to severe environments.
Alumina ( Al2O3 )
Electrical Insulation Parts.
Wear and Corrosion Resistant Parts.
Textile and Paper manufacturing applications.
Semiconductor Jigs.
Zirconia ( ZrO2 )
High Toughness and Excellent Surface.
Industrial Cutters.
Wear and Corrosion Resistant Parts.
Siliconitride ( Si3N4 )
High thermal shock resistance.
Good high temperature strength.
Automobile parts.
Bearing and Guide Roll.
Pin Chuck, Location Pin, Sliding Shoes.
Superior high temperature characteristics and machineability
Application for AlN substrate production
For Atomizing nozzle
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